FS22 VIP Order Manager v1.3.3

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FS22 VIP Order Manager v1.3.3

The VIP Order Manager offers the farmer VIP orders consisting of several products to be delivered.
For each product with explicit specification of the quantity to be delivered and the destination. In addition to the current VIP order, the next VIP orders to follow can also be seen.
However, only the current order can be delivered.
Animal orders are also generated. Please note that delivery is automatic. It is checked every hour whether animals exist with the exact requested age and whether they have at least 75% health.

With CTRL right + O the current order is displayed for a few seconds. ALT right + O displays the overview of all VIP Orders.
In this view, you can also cancel the current VIP Order for a fee for the partial orders that have not yet been fulfilled.

With each VIP Order, the current level is increased and thus also the number of individual orders contained and the quantities to be delivered are increased and the revenues are reduced.
The area owned is also taken into account in the calculation. As the level increases, more products are also taken into account.

Already with FS19, I had started to develop the VIP Order Manager to represent something like campaigns. I wanted to make the game a little more interesting,
by telling me what I have to grow.

Multiplayer is currently not supported.

I would also like to thank all the other modders whose mods have given me many ideas and solutions over the time.

Update 1.3.3
– small code corrections
– in rare cases the key actions were not available
– The automatic checking and delivery of animal orders no longer only takes place between 08:00 and 17:00

Update 1.3.2
– Implementation of the switch “isAnimalOrdersWished”

To disable animal orders, please do one of the following steps:
– In the MOD folder open the ZIP file FS22_VIPOrderManager.zip and in the file VIPOrderManagerDefaults.lua in the 5th line replace “isAnimalOrdersWished= true” with “isAnimalOrdersWished= false”
– After saving the relevant game state with the new VIPOrderManager version, open the file “VIPOrderManager.xml” in the associated “savegame” directory and replace in the 5th line “true” with “false”. Is then but only deactivated for this savegame

Update 1.3.1
– Correction of the invisible column headers
– Minor adjustments to the configuration

Update 1.3.0
– A target location can now be marked (hotspot)
– Animal orders are now supported (sale takes place automatically at 8 a.m. when the requested age is reached; health of the animals must be at least 75%)
– French translation completed (thanks to BOB51160)

Update 1.2.0
– Support for MaizePlus
– Probabilities for the use of specific fill types
– Translation into Russian (thanks to Gonimy-Vetrom)

Update 1.1.1
– Fixed problems with own selling stations and productions

Update 1.1.0
– Consideration of already own animal husbandries and productions
– first smal multiplayer adjustments (not yet multiplayer compatible)

Credits: Fetty42
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