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Swedish Landscape 2022 is a fixed variant from the original Swedish Landscape 2022 is a fixed variant from the original
Huge update – where do I start – solved several issues.

These main points have been edited:
– Fertilizer levels finally work like in the standard game. You can now run 2 fertilizer levels.

MANY MANY THANKS TO: MonkeyWalk -> infoLayer_plowLevel, infoLayer_rollerLevel, infoLayer_sprayLevel, infoLayer_stubbleShredLevel, infoLayer_limeLevel was added this was missing in version 1.

Very important for map upgraders: If you want to upgrade your existing game to map version 1.5, you must first create and save an empty game. The savegame will then contain the files mentioned above with the extension .grle. You must copy these files into your old savegame. Then save the game as usual.
If you want to upgrade a DEDI server session to 1.5, you have to do the same as for single player. BUT: your savegame must be loaded once in an offline multiplayer session by the administrator after copying it – i.e. the ingame multiplayer-> then save with admin rights and upload the savegame to the DEDI server together with the new map. -> make a backup beforehand.
Street textures have been adjusted to transition to the lighter HDR texture of FS22.
Added more traffic.
the non-functioning silos on the map have been removed from the placeable file – can still be purchased but are no longer pre-placed on the yards at launch.
Added Dirt as Height Type – Map made Terrafarm 4.0 Ready.
Over 60 errors and missing textures were fixed. 7 map errors still included.
Cowshed triggers have been adjusted where possible.
Fixed issues with the shop.
Glitchi objects and performance eater objects have been hidden.
Color grading and position of the sun has been moved and adjusted to a mean European azimuth.
performance improvements. However, due to the size of the card, it is imperative to have a good SSD with the game data stored on it. ALSO don’t forget to use NVIDIA DLSS or DLAA or ATI Super Resolution to improve the graphics load of the graphics card without quality loss.
Map is patch 1.3 ready and should now also run with precision farming when it is released.
Map authors have been added and updated.
Map edge collision on field 54 not yet fixed -> we are still waiting for a new patch – otherwise the map cannot be upgraded if we move the collision wall.

Important before there is flame again: No objects were deleted on the map and only hidden or carried out in the placeable to keep the map upgradeable. Realism players hate having to create a new savegame state after 6 months without reaping the first harvest.
In our tests, we were able to fell 600 to 2000 trees without any loss of performance thanks to the Nvidia RTX 2060+ and Nvidia DLSS feature. ATI’s Super Resolution should also be able to easily handle these amounts of data.
We will continue to update the map. Certainly precision farming could require an update. This will be entered as usual, insofar as this is technically possible.
The pictures below show field 24 ingame straightened with Terrafarm and newly heaped up or freshly planted with new trees. There used to be around 2,000 trees on this edge area.
Added screenshots of all used and tested mods to update file attachments. -> All these mods work perfectly on the map.
Enjoy the card and until then.

After several months of playing, our small two-man modding team set about fixing the map.
We love the map. For us it is the best map available in FS22
We have been trying for months to contact the original author NoobFragz to get the right to fix the mod.
Unfortunately no feedback.
So we took fate into our own hands. We still hope that NoobFragz reports.
We have also left the map version at 1.0.0, this is necessary to be able to play the map while the server is running.
If you change the version number, the existing save on Dedi servers no longer works.
Ideally, you can simply update your existing map. Please make a backup first!!!!!
The following fixes have been implemented.
Field 41 42 had the wrong name, which meant that field 41 could no longer be sold. That has been fixed.
The snow didn’t work – this has been fixed.
The streets now get a slightly frosty look in winter when temperatures are severely below zero.
Unfortunately it is not possible to insert the shaders with the even more detailed frost edges on the road from the LS22 – maybe this will be possible in the future.
Fixed the farm lot holes in the map. So the farm is not part of the background map.
Unfortunately, the right courtyard in the forest is still in the background and cannot be solved at the moment.
All property prices have been adjusted to reality and real hectare prices.
1 hectare costs 40 thousand euros.
Fix: The missing 3d model of the shop and the missing textures have been fixed.
Fix: The mobile shop and the shop now offer the possibility of repainting and selling vehicles.
many missing file paths were fixed.
The card is now also Autodrive Ready but still without courses -> you still have to drive them in yourself.
The map is Courseplay Ready (can also be run in the multiplayer branch on Dedi servers without any problems)
Map BGAs made executable.
The BGA’s can now additionally process sugar beets and potatoes and methane can be kept or sold.
Ls22 Growth Times+ 1.0.0 Mod by Gniltag was integrated on the mod.
Please have a look at the growth times screenshot and at Ls22 growth times+.
Traffic System works with a large existing route. Several more will follow.
We hope that everything stays well-disposed and that everyone is happy about the fixes.
best regards
hp Another update will come next week. with the same version number so that you can continue to update your maps without destroying the saved game.

Credits: Alexgerman123, Gniltag, Julian, NoobFragz
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