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Welcome to Nordgrad.
An industrially developed region with a huge number of diverse industries, spacious lush forests, as well as mining in industrial-scale quarries.
Fertile lands cover a large part of the territories where any farmer will feel at home.
And a wide and competitive sales market will provide incredible financial opportunities.A huge number of various factories and enterprises that provide an opportunity for a new round of development in the field of agriculture, forestry, mining and processing of minerals.
Thank you for visiting our corner of the world, I hope you will stay longer. I wish you all a pleasant game!

Changes and improvements

Removed all traffic lights, barriers and speed radars from the map

– IMPORTANT! Delete the old version of the map Nordgrad, as well as your saves. Otherwise the map will not work properly or will not work at all!
– added icons to all factories
– removed two pipes under field number 64
– fixed : terrain under the barn on one of the farm plots
– fixed : the top layer of the two fields that are given to the company at the start, now they contain wheat (ready for harvesting)
– reduced selling price : coal, sand, clay, asphalt, gravel, iron ore, rubber, stone powder
– fixed sales triggers in seaport
– fixed : for network play: logistic centers, barns, etc. can now be used by all players from any farm
– fixed : buildings and decoration objects in the pulp mill that were in the air
– fixed : Fabric production-trigger for receiving cotton is in the correct location
– price change when buying factories and other things
– price change when buying quarries
– fixed : removed static machines in the port that were interfering with traffic
– fixed : mp3 audio file format to ogg format
– added new custom sounds to the map
– fixed : farmer’s barns work correctly, when you sell them, the decor next to them is sold.
– added speed radars
– traffic lights now work
– removed collisions on power lines that cross roads
– added power plant on the map
– added possibility to build wind generators and solar panels (electricity production)
– added new products: coke
– added AI splines for helpers on the whole map
– fixed : field numbering
– fixed : unload trigger in seaport (grain). Long trailers for multiple compartments can now unload without problems

– v2.0.0.0
– 66 fields
– More than 52,000 trees
– A wide variety of woodlands
– Tangled forest roads
– 3 BGA sites
– 6 career
– 6 cities
– 1 village
– 2 trains with large trains
– Seaport
– 2 logistics centers
– coal, iron ore, sand, clay and more
– Oil production and processing
– 37 factories
– 157 new pallets of products
– 9 oil rigs

Credits: WarBossBY
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