FS22 Departement Haut Beyleron v0.1.6.7 Beta

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FS22 Departement Haut Beyleron v0.1.6.7 Beta

These bugs have been fixed
– Ground on road at square 50 ( fixed in next update )
– Ground at courtyard 3 has a slope, causing chairs and tables to float, etc. (fixed in the next update – for savegames, please exchange with the enclosed terrain.heightmap.png!)
– the feed trigger of the chicken farm is too small ( fixed in the next update )
– duplicate palettes in buy menu ( fixed in next update )
– New production: Apple plantation (from the next update on the map – for savegames please exchange with the enclosed terrain.heightmap.png!)
– New production: apple juice / vinegar production (from the next update on the map – for savegames please exchange with the enclosed terrain.heightmap.png!)
– New range of spice mixtures in the purchase menu (available from the dealer from the next update
– Fence on the horse paddock is missing (fixed in the next update Attention, if it is there, please remove it for the update, since a new one will be set (should be able to be deleted via the construction menu)!
– AdBlue graphic is missing on the fuel pump (fixed in the next update
– New point of sale: Hotal Central (from the next update on the map – for savegames please exchange with the enclosed terrain.heightmap.png!)
– New product: tomato salad ( from next update in food production )
– New product: Onions ( from next update in greenhouse )
– New point of sale: food production export/sale (from next update on the food production site)
– Added some crash barriers here and there (from next update on some roads)
– the manure station in the middle cannot be purchased separately (can be purchased separately from the next update
– New production “The Best of Potatoes” (from next update on the map), initially produces chips (salt, paprika, pepperoni, cheese)
– Some language variables added, so renaming can take place (included from next update
– Buy stations have a changed offer and are therefore selling:
Seeds, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, lime, road salt and seling agents are cheaper here – manure, liquid manure, potatoes and straw (are more expensive here)
– Olive pallets are not picked up by the AutoLoader ( fixed in the next update )

Changes to the placaebles.xml necessary: ​​no
Replacing the terrain.heightmap.png necessary: ​​yes

What will be in the next updates:
– Conversion of further productions to the consumption of empty pallets
– Completion of the Great Dairy
– Adding a clothing production
– Adding more products in food production
– more details
– Lighting and decoration on productions
– various
– possible revision of the road textures

If you update from version beta to version there is no adjustment of the placaebles.xml

This is how you update from to
– Quit your game and make a backup of your current savegame
– exchange the terrain.heightmap.png in your savegame with the provided file
– Satartet the game and clear the place where the hotel is (in the upper forest) from grass and bushes
– save and exit game
– now exchange the map from FS22_Departement_Haut_Beyleron.zip
– deletes the 3 cache files in the savegame
– delete the splitShapes.gmss to reset the trees (optional)
– start your game. The new items will be placed automatically
– Have fun

Thanks for playing my map.

Credits: GulliDeckel
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