FS22 Altenstein Map v1.0.2.0

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FS22 Altenstein Map v1.0.2.0

Welcome to Altenstein, a small community somewhere in Upper Bavaria where time seems to have stood still.

Version 1.0.2
Bug fixed:
– In the greenhouse, only one water marker was exchanged for the general unloading trigger –> marker and moved a bit
– Player trigger in greenhouse too low –> removed “ground binding”.
– when spawning in the greenhouse you got stuck in the glass wall –> fixed wrong path entry in the xml
– “planted” the floating tree behind the dunghill again –> gravity was restored
– re-hung the floating flower box in the entrance to the Kramerwirt –> it was magic …..
– Fixed texture errors at 2 unloading points –> Replaced textures
– Advertising poster on the sheep pen was crooked –> screwed on again
– Spawn point at the earth fruit storage shifted –> you are no longer “sucked in” by the hopper
– Farm workshop, put the marker in the right place –> repairs are now possible in and in front of the workshop
– the silo’s were “leaky” on the side –> tipColli spelling mistakes fixed
– some audio files were too loud or too quiet in comparison –> volume adjusted a bit
– discovered small, bald spots on the map –> nature and decoration adjusted
– some AI vehicles too fast –> fines distributed, therefore speed is now max. 50km/h for all
– some traffic signs were not optimal –> the building yard has now implemented them a bit
– the cows in the cowshed still didn’t want to take water –> fixed
– the map borders at field 30 were too close to the field for some –> fixed

– The customer service for the agricultural vehicle scale was finally here –> Vehicles and trailers/equipment can now be weighed at the agricultural trade
– because of climate change –> additional air conditioning installed and animated

Furthermore, we got the French texts for our map from a Belgian community member Cyberbluebird.
Thank you very much on behalf of the French-speaking community and our team.

New languages:
– French (by Cyberbluebird)
– Polish (by Augustinus50 + GoogleTranslator)
– Italian (by Augustinus50 + GoogleTranslator)
– spanish (in planning)
– Hungarian (in planning)
– Bavarian (no idea if that’s possible, let’s do some research) :D

Known bugs:
– Still problems drawing Edelweiss and Co. –> it’s our turn and we’ve received help with the search

BugFix report:
– only bales of straw could be thrown in at the pigsty, no single straw –> is fixed
– the vehicles were very close to the dealer after the purchase –> is fixed
– missing storeIcons in the shop –> is fixed
– missing_storeItem error –> is fixed
– Removed or moved smaller decorative objects

Known bugs:
– Edelweiss and other flowers cannot be painted in the game –> we are trying to find out why

New on the map:
– 2 new AI vehicles
– At the farm trade there is now a place where you can buy liquid fertilizers and herbicides
– Precision Farming DLC has been tested and runs on the map

No modern-day stress, no big machines and no cell phone masts or wind turbines, instead rest,
Birdsong and a babbling brook. The ‘good old days’ are not yet past here !!
The Bavarian mountains are all around and nature is still in order here. Or so it seems.
Can you bring your grandfather’s old farm back to life and maybe even a big one?
To become producers of many different products? Can you take care of enough animals to start these productions?
Treat yourself to a new start in Altenstein and let the times of our grandparents and great-grandparents come to life again.
Especially vintage car fans will hopefully get their money’s worth with this small German map.

The map basically has the following to offer you:
– 1 courtyard with meadow areas
– 30 buyable fields
– 4 meadow areas
– 2 small wooded areas
– 3 additional animal pastures to the stables
– BGA with 3 driving silos
– Water pumping station
– Agricultural trade for seeds, lime, and much more.
– Agricultural truck scale (still under construction)
– Vehicle dealer with workshop
– Filling station for diesel, methane and electric
– Road traffic (50km/h) and pedestrian splines
– Butterfly, firefly and duck splines (only with recommended ‘onCreate-extension’ mod!!)
– Lovingly decorated map with its own sounds
– Weather and season dependent decoration
– all old buildings from the LS17 version available
– many points of sale and production
– map-specific revamp productions and products and much more.

Much needed mod:

The farm includes: residential building, half-timbered hall, shelters, workshop, well, bulk goods hall, diesel filling station, barn silo,
Bulk material silo, ball storage, manure plate, 2 silos, greenhouses, feed mixing plant (still under construction)
and a farm shop
Animals: cows, pigs, sheep, horses, chickens, bees, dog
Points of sale: Schloss-Altenstein, storage tower, wood chip trade, earth fruit storage, private house,
Manure trade, liquid manure trade, cattle trade camp, gas station shop, barn, stone crusher,
Supermarket, village shop, Kramerwirt, pizzeria, farm shop
Productions: milk processing, chocolate factory, oil mill, water mill, sugar factory, bakery,
Spinning, carpentry, tailoring, muesli factory, grape press, ice cream production,
Winery, distillery, butcher shop (under construction).

Field Sizes:
Field 1 : 0.348 ha Field 11 : 0.307 ha Field 21 : 0.354 ha
Field 2 : 0.190 ha Field 12 : 0.288 ha Field 22 : 0.203 ha
Field 3 : 0.636 ha Field 13 : 0.645 ha Field 23 : 0.411 ha
Field 4 : 0.342 ha Field 14 : 0.421 ha Field 24 : 0.112 ha
Field 5 : 0.165 ha Field 15 : 0.256 ha Field 25 : 0.527 ha
Field 6 : 0.526 ha Field 16 : 0.359 ha Field 26 : 0.351 ha
Field 7 : 0.686 ha Field 17 : 0.412 ha Field 27 : 0.249 ha
Field 8 : 0.578 ha Field 18 : 0.125 ha Field 28 : 0.388 ha
Field 9 : 0.591 ha Field 19 : 0.155 ha Field 29 : 0.101 ha
Field 10 : 0.555 ha Field 20 : 0.247 ha Field 30 : 0.269 ha

There are no ‘grass missions’ and no ‘AI splines’ for descents on the map. Also on one
We intentionally did without the starting fleet, which you only sell again anyway.
A small recommendation for an immediate start: PORSCHE-DIESEL SERIES PACK
And if you expect “HighResolution” textures from good old Altenstein, you’re welcome to use all the old ones
Edit texture files (over 1GB) and then integrate them into the map for us.
The map may not be reworked and/or uploaded again without permission. Parts of the map are also subject
always the intellectual property of the creator and may not be used without permission.

Credits: The map is a conversion from the LS17/LS19. The original from the LS17 comes from REDKEINSTUS. With his approval, I brought the card into the LS19 as a beta version and now into the 22er. So once again a big thank you to REDKEINSTUS for releasing this unforgettable map. The following people contributed to the completion of the map this time: Conversion, design, etc. - Augustine50 Productions/products, markers, and much more. - BigDaddy 3D Artist's, Maya-/Blender - TaZ-Modding, Pepperoni Test gaming, bug fix report - BLACKMOOSE, LeO modding A special thank you goes to the "FBM-Landbauer" for releasing many of his mods for installation into our map and recreating map-specific decorations to order. I would also like to thank Markus77 again for his very helpful LS-YT videos and of course the entire FBM team for their support and help. If I forgot someone so he is hereby greeted. Object Credits: - LS19+22 Deco Prefabs + Mods -- by 'Landbauer' - LS19 SPAR supermarket -- by '???', original from CML - LS19 Eicher Schild Prefab -- by 'Skins and more' - LS19 old diesel engine 0.9Beta -- by 'Der LS Farmer' - LS17 Mini feed mixer -- by 'Kastor' (thanks for the release) - LS15 decorative objects -- by 'Rosenthaler' - LS15 butchery prefab -- by 'would-be farmer' - LS13-22 decoration and objects -- by 'GIANTS'
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