FS17 Park Equipment Pack v0.2 Open Beta

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FS17 Park Equipment Pack v0.2 Open Beta

Pak a variety of domestic equipment for cultivating fields and other c / x work.
All the technique of the pack works according to the FS17 standards – animation, deformation of wheels, real physics.
Of the additional features – dynamic hoses.

Composition of the pack:

– NWT-5.4 – two options;
– СЗС-2.1 and 3-СЗС-2.1;
– Agrator-3400.

– KPI-3.8;
– CNS-4.0;
– KPO-4;
– L-114A-02.

Plows and Chisels:
– КР-2.1;
– Chiselmaster-4200.

– BIS-5.6 – polonnik.

– Coupling for KPI-3.8;
– Coupling for SZ-5.4;
– Coupling for 3-SZS-2.1.

The current state of the pack is estimated as an open Beta test.
There will be improvements both in the number of equipment and in terms of functionality.

A list of what will NOT be realized:

1) The operation of some equipment with the Kurplaet.
The reason is the response from the developers of the KP: our scripts are not able to determine the parameters of the trailer in 100% of cases, so a script is used with a list of manual settings for such equipment. In order for the config for your mod to hit the CP, it must first be on. site, in the second – to be quite popular.

2) Plows series ПШК will not.
The reason is that the plow is a copy of the PPSU plows, although not licensed (information of the NGO “SUR”).

3) Models with traces of use (rust, scrapes, traces of oil).
The reason is that we buy the equipment in the store, and not from the suppliers of cheap used equipment, and even more so do not dig from the landfill.

Authors: AVSR, Northern_Strike, StuDeNT, scholl, TYOMATY, MAC.
To see the detailed information on authorship for each unit of the vehicle, you can in the txt file “Authorship in detail” in the archive.

Version 0.2 Open Beta for Farming Simulator 2017 (v1.5.x):

– KPI-3.8;
– CNS-4.0;
– L-114A-02;
– Pak PSCU (3,4,5,6);
– SP-7.6 (coupling for KPI-3.8);
– SP-12.6 (coupling for 3-SZS-2.1).

– Separate category ONLY for bonds;
– On the coupler icons it is written to what is suitable (for those who do not see the menu);
– Turning wheels on single SZS (the angle is small, otherwise the drill blows away on the field);
– Turning wheels on SPZ-10.8;
– NWT-5.4 is now one in the store, the choice of the manufacturer – through design;
– Optimization of wheel loading.

– Physics of the Chiselmaster-4200 adapter, Agrator-3400;
– The physics of all wheels is recycled;
– The lower position of KPO-4, Chiselmaster-4200, KR-2.1;
– Filling of seeders SZS through covers;
– Possible falls underground KPO-4, KR-2.1, BIS-5.6;
– Center of gravity KR-2.1;
– Collision of the rear “rod” Agrator-3400, Chiselmaster-4200;
– Logical dimensions of NWT-5.4, KPO-4, KR-2.1, Chiselmaster-4200;
– Edits in the model of SPZ-10.8;
– Physics of SDR-10.8;
– Removed the sound of the compressor on seeders with a wheel drive;
– Replaced the shader of dirt for default;
– Reduction of the physical load of the Agrator-3400 to work with tractors 75-90 hp;
– Processing of characteristics of SZ-5.4.


If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

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