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Maxxum 110:
Price: $ 109840.
Maintenance: $ 70 / day.
Power range: 110-135 Km.
Max. Speed: 40 Km / h.
Maxxum 125:
Price: $ 126840.
Maintenance: $ 75 / day.
Power range: 125-155 Km.
Max. Speed: 42 Km / h.
Maxxum 140:
Price: 146840 $.
Maintenance: $ 75 / day.
Power range: 140-170 Km.
Max. Speed: 45 Km / h.

– Standard wheels.
– wide wheels.
– Narrow wheels.
– Double rear wheels.
– Wheel weights.
– IC Panel.
– Door opened.
– Rear window opening.
– Opened sunroof.
– Moving Joystick.
– Foldable steering wheel.
– Beacons.
– Foldable sun visor.
– Moving axis.
– Full frontal steering animation.
– Full front and rear lift animation.
– Multi color wheels.
– Folding seat back.
– Passenger.
– FL console.
– Folding front attacher.
– Speed ​​meter.
– Rotation counter.
– Hour counter.
– Fuel counter.
– Lights controls.
– Pretty new sounds.
– slightly improved cab model.
– Less weight 10 MB vs. version FS 15.
– Engine configuration options.

– Improved front and rear PTO shaft and improved lifting and lowering of the rear lift.
– Fixed mirrors.
– Added second passenger.

– Improved lifting capacity.
– Fixed mirrors.
– The cabin screen turns on when the engine is started.
– Changed front rims.
– Added ability to install crawlers.
– Choice: front attacher or weight.
– Increased wheel size in Maxxum 140.
– Both tractors in one archive so that they take up less space together.

– Added a new Maxxum 125 model.
– New rims.
– Changed diffuse and specular texture.
– Opened mask.
– Added engine model.
– Animation of a radiator fan.
– Sounds of opening and closing doors.
– When you open the door or the glass in the cabin is louder.
– New front and rear wheel weights.
– The wheels slightly widened.
– Animation of door handles (I know that in reality it looks different).
– Motor and fender vibrations.
– Improve some cab elements.
– Added backlight in cabin.

– standard wheels. Michelin
– Wheels with weights. Michelin
– Wheels wide. Michelin
– Wide wheels with weights. Michelin
– narrow wheels.
– For each type of wheel, the width of the front and rear fenders changes.
– Improved sounds and textures.

Giants, LBC Modding, Quezz, X3D DESIGN,
Programowanie FS17: CatFan18 Mods.
Dźwięki i testy: Imeto.
Pomoc: Rolnik 410, RewerS Mods.

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2 Responses

  1. Matt Asmus says:

    can you try to make a case corn planter. If you would I bet a lot of people would love it!

    • Brandyn says:

      I second this! I would love to see a realistic Case IH planter for corn/sunflowers/etc in both big and small sizes. Would be super sweet if an “in-between” planter was made (aka one that can plant like a planter or a drill but looks like a planter with very narrow rows)

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