FS17 IndividualHudFruit V 0.4

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FS17 IndividualHudFruit V 0.4

With this mod, you can bring your own Fruit Huds into play, regardless of the map / mods (from LS15 Conventiert, User request) Who uses the MultiOverlay V2 Hud from v2.7 LS17 Convert does not need this mod anymore. Is implemented there in vsHud Settings. In multiplayer and singleplayer games. It is up to your creativity to look like this, whether it’s color, b / w, comics or real pictures. All you need is a time program (I recommend paint.net). Some Huds I have times prefabricated (more bad than right, Sorry). And so the whole in the SP and MP folds, the Hud files are stored outside, so you can play in the MP, no matter who uses Hud files. There was a possibility with which you can adapt your own Hud files to different maps. This allows you to react more flexibly to MapModder’s changes to the fruits since then. This is optional and does not need to be used. v Unpack the pack archives 1x. The zzzz_IndividualHudFruit.zip belongs as it is, into your Mod folder. (Client, server) The IndividualHudFiles.zip has to be unpacked with the subdirectory into your LS 15 folder, where also the directories savegame1 etc. are located (see also Picture Packarchive). (Client) …. / FarmingSimulator / IndividualHudFiles / *. Dds FruitFiles —> wheat.dds and optional wheat_small.dds etc. etc. Priority low in SP and high in MP Optionally one can create in the IndividualHudFiles folder, a savegame .. subdirectories and there his Hud files for individual savegames extra deposit. (See also picture Packarchiv). (Client) …. / FarmingSimulator / IndividualHudFiles / savegame1 / * .dds FruitFiles —> wheat.dds and optional wheat_small.dds etc. etc. Priority high in the SP and no function in the MP Function Client: All Huds files found in the directory and also on the map are replaced accordingly. The Huds files from your IndividualHudFiles / savegame folders are preferred. This applies, of course, only to SP. So that you know, which Fruits there on the map are these in Log.txt again extra spent and can be seen there by you. The Fruit names must be identical with your file names. If there is a wheat.dds file in the / IndividualHudFiles directory, and on the map there is that fruit also, the Wheat Hud from the map is replaced by your Wheat Hud. Otherwise nothing happens. If the format of your file does not or anything else does not, no Hud is displayed. Function DetiServer: The server needs only the zzzz_IndividualHudFruit.zip in the Mod folder. The directory / IndividualHudFiles and the Hud files do NOT need the server and should not be present. I recommend that you save your own Hud files in a format to avoid complications (see picture). And I recommend a file size of 64.1 kb. FileFormat * .dds If you want to make your own Huds available to others, you can do this and I can also post a link here. Hud Files (Link) from the user Landwirtschaft_der_ddr you this available. Hud Files (Link) from the user Oelly who provides you his. Hud Files (Link) from the user Güllemax (FBM-Team) which provide you yourselves. Hud Files (Modhoster) from the user Güllemax (FBM-Team) which will provide you yourselves. 1.Publication with original Downloadlink only. NO replacement link 2.The uploading and re-uploading is not permitted


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