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FS17 Ground Modification

Change the ground on the map with a roller. Choose from 18 ground types and select if you want the grass to be removed or not.


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Finding a game interesting after investing 300 hours into it can become a bit challenging. But with mods as long as there is a new update is assured, you are guaranteed a few more hours of new exciting gameplay. FS 17 Other Mods are one of the greatest upgrades and can make your game unique. Downloading and adding FS17 Ground Modification Mod to your game is not difficult at all - you simply need to save a file and run it. Each Farming Simulator Mod will provide you with particular options so go ahead and add it to your version. Few clicks and you will be able to use all extra features that were only imaginary before. It is the easiest way to get the best of the game, your opponents will be surprised! Then all you need to do is simply click on FS17 Ground Modification Mod free download button and implement it to your game. This few simple steps will lift your game to the upper level – what can be better that upgrading your game personally? Break all boundaries and develop your farm easily. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg, what we offer on our website is countless hours of fun gameplay that will keep you invested for months. So go to our website, select your mod of choice, and click on download.

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20 Responses

  1. Sunny Side Dan says:

    I LOVE THE IDEA!!! Since the start of FS17 I was wishing a mod like this one. Unfortunately though for some weird reasons it works brilliantly on my test map (Sosnovka) but it prevents my main game from loading (Gold Crest). It gives an error in the log: GroundModifier.lua:145: attempt to compare number with nil

    Do you have any idea what might be wrong with my savegame! Any help is really appreciated (I don’t want to start from scratch as there are more than 900 hours of game involved…)

  2. easyrik says:

    was about to use this mod just as i read about this error ,,,,will try on fresh start map,,,thanks for heads up dan,,,,

  3. easyrik says:

    with this mod (working 100%) and all the placables,,allmost posible to make a farm from a blank map,,,,maybe a tool for putting hills in or takin them out (INGAME),

  4. Sunny Side Dan says:

    As it didn’t let me go, I tried to figure out the problem with some of my savegames, and I’m glad to inform you that I’ve managed to work around the little issue:
    You have to make sure that BEFORE activating the mod, you have sold all rollers and sweepers with ground restore function, than save the game, restart it with the mod activated and buy your devices again… voilà!
    Now it works and IT IS BRILLIANT.
    jodamm: BEST MOD since the launch of FS17, you are a genius!

    THANK YOU!!!

  5. RedMars33 says:

    awesome idea and mod, fantastic work.reminds me back in 2013 had roller that was able to smooth out the ground like in giants editor tool, is there anyway you can add that to your mod, would make it even more fantastic mod. thank you

  6. LeightonUK says:

    I can’t find this MOD? placed it in the mod folder but can’t find it in the store?

    • Sunny Side Dan says:

      You will not find it as “tool” in the store. Just use the standard Giants (Lizard R5000) Roller, as this will have the added functionality.
      Furthermore you need patch 1.4.4. of FS17 for the mod to run…

    • jamesuk says:

      I have done the same and i can’t fined it ether

  7. ses says:

    my problem with this mod is that when I load a saved game, all changes make with this mod is gone. is there anyone with this problem? how to solve it?

  8. sftomee says:

    Nice uploader. Delete my comment. ;) Correct.

    Btw doesn’t work. Doesn’t load the map with this mod.

    • sftomee says:

      Ok. Now loading the map, but after i choose any tractor, my character freeze. I can’t move and I can’t do anything. Weird..

      • Marcel says:

        try download the mod in the mod option in fs17 in stead of the web

        • sftomee says:

          I tried, but same result..

        • sftomee says:

          Oh. And do this when I sit in any vehicle! When I just walking in the beginning no problem here, until i want to use one of machines or truck or any.. But, when I sit in any tractor, or harvester etc, everything stop. Just birds singing. I can’t go out from the vehicle, and can’t do anything.

  9. franckylove.80 says:

    il bloque certains mods mes tracteurs tourne en rond ou ne bouges plus du tout

  10. Bobo says:

    GoldcrestValey Error

  11. Iforleeeeeeeeex says:

    Many console player would enjoy this including myself please make it compatiable on console or at least Xbox.

    • Iforleeeeeeeeex says:

      I don’t play PC at all, but from what i read, this works like a seed planter?

  12. dj fox says:

    is it possible to make multiple rollers that change texture since consoles since we can’t get this version? it awesome

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