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New Russified version Courseplay kurspley for Farming Simulator 17.

Kurspley for Farming Simulator 2017 (the latest version) – a special program with artificial intelligence that will take control of all your technique and thus will automate the work on the farm. As you know, in the game you can hire an employee, but it only has a very small job, and here you can really fine-tune all the techniques giving her such tasks as plowing fields, seeding a certain culture in the selected field (to select number), cleaning harvest, transport of goods from point A to point B, grass mowing and baling hay, respectively.

All of the above, only a small part of the possibilities in the new version of the program. Also it has become more convenient and easier to understand for beginners, there formulaic tasks and corrects errors of previous versions.

Going into the game, press Ctrl + Delete, will be a special menu where you can configure the setting for all the equipment.

Courseplay Dev Team

If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

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19 Responses

  1. David Brown says:

    Well it has been a wait and it is a beta BUT auto offloading combine DOES work

  2. alf says:

    hud is broken. backside is on the right of the text

  3. Sean says:

    This is the ridgy didge course play … seems to be working fine …. tried mowing, raking, baling, harvesting, and course from field to silo, working fine with in game equipment … doesn’t like some mods (Krone Big M) that I’ve seen so far … give it a go and help them out with any problems you find

    • Stekker says:

      Awesome mod! But yep, krone big M seems to make it crash. The hud is also broken (buttons and background do not align.
      Thanks for releasing it early though, this was and will be a great mod!

  4. Tony says:

    can confirm the background is to the right of the text in 1080p resolution

  5. Sean says:

    i had the same problem with the background being off to 1 side but fixed it by deleting all the dodgy courseplay files in the saved game and letting the new one initialize them again.

    So if you had the non genuine courseplay you have to get rid of it completely

    • Stekker says:

      That worked! thanks. It’s working great now.
      This is what I did:
      -Delete the old (non official) CP mod in the mods folder.
      -Deleted courseplay courses in the FS17 main folder.
      -Deleted courseplayCustomFields.xml and courseplaySettings.xml in the save game folder.

  6. persolus says:

    In the mod there is a problem. At the start when you check to pay or not to pay for work, even if you checked not to pay it still pays for worker.
    This function is crucial.

  7. cp says:

    funciona por um tempo, depois começa da os bug
    principalmente quando contrata empregados com algum curso funcionando ;
    o veiculo trava ,
    observa – se tambem quando voce salva o jogo com algum corso em funcionamento, e sai do jogo
    trava os maquinario some o dinheiro tambem , comeca a somi kkk

  8. Rob says:

    After playing for like 10 minutes, the game freezes. only the CP HUD is not freezed, but when i want to change any width of machinery or distance to combine or something the number changes with every mouse-moving. Used machinery when freezing: MF7700 + Bergman Graincart in Overload function, CR10.90 combine harvester with 45ft mower, and MF8700 with a modded Amazone Condor 15001 DS. It seems to go well untill the seeder has to turn on the headlands.

  9. Alexs95 says:

    Won’t work for some trucks wich are mods. Dno if it’s courseplay or mod issue.
    For example HUD will not appear for MAN 8×8 mod and Tatra IT-runner truck mod etc.

  10. seen says:

    Where i can find tutorial in PL?

  11. trigger says:

    does not work with fendt mods

  12. Dave says:

    Works good except for a small issue with the fieldwork tab…won’t start when having it set to first way point. Have to drive past and click neatest way point.

  13. Streiter says:

    When activate the mod, my game never download, just “loading please wait” andd nothing happen

    • bryan says:

      I had that same problem, but how I fixed it was I took out all of my mods from the mods folder and started the game up. After the game started up I canceled out of the game and then I started to put some mods back in. what I found out was that it conflicts with some of your other mods and that’s why your game wont load.

  14. Palle Schilling says:


    Can someone help me?
    I got one machine where i can’t open CoursePlay Hud. Do anyone now what i have to write in maybe in the xml to get it to work on this maschne.
    I think that it must be possible to fix this issue.

    Palle Schilling

    • Asero says:

      You need to check the the vehicle/mod has the correct vehicleType/specializations for Courseplay to pick it up.

      It will take too long to explain how to do it here, so best of luck :)

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