FS17 The Western Shore Map

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FS17 The Western Shore Map

Welcome to this brand new UK, coastal themed map, from BulletBill and Frontier Design. This map has many new features not found on any other mod maps.
It was originally designed to run on the Frontier Dedicated server, and as such allows for great multiplayer gameplay. The map is very well optimised,
allowing for very good FPS, despite the high level of detail contained on the map. It is also fully Seasons ready, or “Seasoned”.

The map contists of 9 farm yards, 2 contractor yards, 4 main crop sell points, 2 wool and 2 milk sell points, a sawmill, and BGA. Of the 9 farms,
8 of those yards have animal husbandry. The farm list is as follows:

– Sea View Farm = Sheep
– Blockwell Farm = Cows
– Bramble Lane Farm = Cows
– Black Ridge Farm = Pigs
– Strumble Head Farm = Sheep
– Hatton Farm = Cows
– Folly Farm = Sheep
– Trezare Farm = Chickens

Map Features
– Multi Angle Terrain / Instead of the usual 32 angles, this map contains 64 angles of soil direction. (Excluding potato ridges.)

– Advanced Animals / This allows you to have 8 separate animal husbandries across the map at each farm.

– Livestock Trailer Spec Support / This allows livestock trailers using the default vehicle spec to transport the extra animal types.

– Grazing Mod / This allows your grass eating animals to get feed from the pasture itself.

– Milk Sell Mod / Allows you to manually sell your milk.

– Rain Water Mod / Allows rainwater to fill your animal water troughs.

– Enhanced Chicken / This allows you to feed, breed and sell chickens, as well as sell bigger quantities of eggs.

– Additional Map Types / The map has added the extra fruit (crop) “Oats”.

– Fillable Storage Tanks / The Fuel (Gas), Water, and Liquid Fertiliser tanks have to be manually filled.

– GMKFC Mod / This adds visible layers for spreading manure, lime, digestate and compost.

– Compost Maker / The compost maker machine is located on the map, and can be used to process material into compost.

– Advanced Train System / Fully animated train, and authentic UK railway level crossings, complete with lights and sounds.

– Improved Animated Objects / There are animated ships and plane around the map that are fully synced in Multiplayer as well.

– Straw Harvest Addon Support / If you activate the Straw Addon DLC, the map will load with the pellet hall and sell point automatically.

– Speed Camera / Watch out for the traffic speed cameras. Go to fast and you will get fined.

– Clip Distance / The map contains Clip distance triggers in most barns and sheds, which improves performance when having many vehicles and equipment on the map.

Credits: BulletBill Ian898 Stu (Aston) Oxygendavid Lonewolf FD gnftr04
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3 Responses

  1. Mike Smith says:

    doesnt have a working water supply at strumble head farm, the big blue water tank does not work

  2. jamie says:

    how did you add the cow2 and sheep2 to the grazing animals.

  3. Jams says:

    Is is Weston Shore mapfor PS4

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