FS17 Hagenstedt V

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FS17 Hagenstedt V

1. Fixed non-purchasable fields on the map.
2. Fixed remnants of old cow-zone buildings.
3. Fixed Depression in the Biogas plant ground.
4. Removed grass in the silo’s at the Biogas plant.

This is the original Hagenstedt from Farming simulator 2013, i have converted it to Farming Simulator 17, and updated the tree’s, bushes, and general textures throughout the map.
I hope you enjoy playing on this map as much as i did back in the day.
Please report any bugs you find in the comments below!

Original author: Giants Software.
Conversion: Farmer Klink
Shed Package: Agrarteam Franken
Woodshed with light: Niggels – VertexDezign
Special Thanks: scooby (For help resolving the Collision map problems.) OldBor (For his forum post on FS-UK which enlightened me on the PDA hotspot positioning.)

If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

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5 Responses

  1. Jeramy says:

    here some field need work on 3,10,11,12,20,21,24 bga there is still grass in it fix the mission

  2. Nicolas says:

    Hello, farmer klink! I have tried to get in touch with you to ask if it were possible to pass the old Idaho map to 2017. With clover, alfalfa and ryegrass. It was the best map I played in 2015 and I am sure it will be well received by the community. The cows on the farm, the variety of seeds and the large fields were the best !!!
    Thank you very much for your work, it’s excellent!

  3. Harry van Keulen says:

    I use the hagenstedt map in FS17 but there is no silo where i can storage sugarbeats or potato’s

  4. Bianca Ragas says:

    There is an unloading icon for wood chips, potatoes and sugar beets at the freight station on the map but no place to unload them.

  5. Albert John Gray says:

    I have ps4 and the cows and pigs have all frozen and the juno cleaner isn’t cleaning the troughs. Please fix

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