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– Big farm for machine storage and potatoes and sugar beet storage. Straw sales Farm you can relieve at night with the light switch boot.
– The cows, sheep, pigs are together on the 2nd erf – Big grain storage at the animals-
– Big BGA
– Milk factory click here for the placeable milk mod
– Big Machine Shop
– Point of sale for the crops
– Extra fertilizer/seed sale point
– 14 Fields
– PDA Map

Map by Mike Giants, American Eagles Modding, light Niggels, Lindbejb Modding, FS-UK,Modder

If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

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15 Responses

  1. Coffee says:

    Any body have all the equipment gone when loading into the game recently. Just had it happen to me. All equipment was gone. No idea what on earth that is about.

  2. farmer says:

    When I play it and do forge harvesting the forge goes out of the bunker. I am using mods.

  3. Crsitiano Brum says:

    Does anyone know why it gets stuck in the map loading, it just does not load

    • alex says:

      yeah that happened to me too its just a shit map i guess and the one sell point is reason enough to not play this map

    • Jacob says:

      It also does that to me when loading any new map, but if i deselect all other maps, when choosing mods, it works just fine

    • Ghost says:

      if you have a problem check the log of the game and it will tell you what mod is causing it to not load or the mod could be more upto date than your game.

  4. Derek Wiedenheft says:

    Hi I had to do a complete reinstall of FS17 and when I re downloaded AmericanFarm the field prices are in the billions anyway to fix this?

  5. Tom says:

    anyone else having an issue with field prices??? one of the largest fields is showing as over 400 billion (yes I do mean billion). smaller field is like 43 billion…….what is going on? It is v3.0

    • Rossman says:

      Easy to fix, just change the game file. Change the field ownership to TRUE in the file.
      Example: go here, Documents\MyGames\FarmingSimulator2017\savegame4\economy.xml
      Open it with notepad and look for lines like this: <field number="14" ownedByPlayer="false"
      Change the word false with true.
      It will the look like this after you changed it: <field number="14" ownedByPlayer="true"
      Now save this document, close it and open your game and you now own that field. Enjoy :)

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