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This is a soundset designed specifically for Coldbourough Park in the sense that the locations of the various sounds are set for that map. The sound files that accompany this set though may be used on any map to create a different soundset for that map. Mapmakers may make free with the files to enhance their maps as much as they wish.

The sound files are from a variety of sources, many are my own recordings, others are freely available on the net, there are multiple files of the same species, this is to avoid hearing exactly the same bird/sound in different places, this has been done where such variety exists, with those birds which are indistinguishable from each other, the same file has been used.
To install the soundset you will need to edit the map in the Giants Editor, this is a fairly simple operation.

First unzip the map. Then open the folder and look for the maps folder, open that, inside you will see a single CPF.i3d file, as long as you have actually installed the latest version of the GE, then double click the CPF.i3d file which will open the map in the editor (this can take a little while as there is much to load)
Also unzip this CPF_soundset.zip if you have not done so.
from the unzipped CPF_soundset folder copy or move the CPF_Soundset.i3d to the …FS17_coldboroughParkFarmmaps folder
From the editor, select file/import and navigate to this folder and click the CPF_Soundset.i3d file and click open. This will import the locations of the sounds into the map.

Scroll down through the scenegraph transform groups until you find the group “Sounds” (it is below Stonewalls) click on the transform group “Sounds” to highlight it (not expand it) now go across to the user attributes window and under the add new attribute section select script callback from the drop down menu and type onCreate into the dialogue box and click the add button, now type SunAdmirer.onCreate into the new attribute window for the new onCreate attribute. This will cause all the default day sounds to fall silent at night.
Save the map.

Backup or rename your existing map/sounds folder Copy or move the sounds folder in this zip into the maps folder of the map to replace the original.

Now navigate to your “drive”:Farming Simulator 2017datamapssoundsambient folder and backup these four .wav files: birdschirping 1 and 2, SingleCricket and MapAmbient then replace them with the four files in the Basegame_sounds folder, I have changed these files in the past with no detrimental effect on multiplayer compatibility so this should still be the same. replacing these files will silence the default ambient sounds.

Return to the root folder of the map and select all the files and create a new zip, put this in your mods folder and get farming.

Some of the bird calls may not be specific to the Ross on Wye area, I don’t know, I do know that if not, then they will not be far from there, apart from perhaps the nightjar, they tend to be a bit further south I think, though I did hear one outside my own house a few years back. So, as far as possible, this is a pretty realistic set of sounds.

For the more adventurous, you can use the GE to edit the sounds to a certain extent, under the audio tab in the atributes section you can adjust the range, inner range and overall volume of each individual placement, so you can therefore tailor it to suit your own comfort, it takes a bit of time and effort, but what, that’s worthwhile, doesn’t?

Once you start the game you may hear some birds during startup, this does not cause a problem. In the game you will find as you move around the map different calls and sounds will be heard from places that you might expect such species, Woodpeckers (3 species) are in woodland areas, game birds are on the arable land, song birds in trees and hedgerows. At night do have a walk round (if you can see!) the pond has Teal, and other creatures are abroad too. The market place also has an enhanced soundset, as does the cowshed area.

I hope you enjoy this enhancement of the game.


If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

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