FS22 Seedpotato Farm v1.0.0.0

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FS22 Seedpotato Farm v1.0.0.0

A large Arable farm which specialises in the cultivation and distribution of seed potatoes to be used by other farmers.

Buildings & Productions:
Potato Shed with Sorter
Equiped with 3 ULO fridges they will keep the potatoes from chitting until processing begings in early winter. The sorter organises the potatoes in 3 different sizes, waste size, Seed size which gets used as next years seeding material, and Premium size, which gets sold off for human consumption.

Potato Bagging Production
This all in one production allows the emptying of potato boxes and the repackiging to either bigbags (for seedpotatoes) or 25KG bags (for premium potatoes).

Potato Shed Expansion
Offers an additional 3 ULO fridges and a open workspace for additional productions or machinery storage.

Potato Shed Expansion with workshop
Offers an additional 3 ULO fridges and a open workspace for additional productions or machinery storage together with a workshop.

Farmers Market Extended
Allows you to sell Waste potatoes, Seed potatoes, and Premium potatoes together with all the other base crops that the Farmer’s market accepts.

Supermarket Extended
Allows you to sell Premium potatoes together with all the other base crops that the supermarket accepts.

BGA 99 KW Extended
Allows you to turn Waste potatoes into Electricity, Methane, and Digestate.

HK-25 Front Harrow with Liquid Fertilizer tank
This Powerharrow was modified by the farm to allow for an application of fertilizer together with the newly planted potatoes to give them a better start (Needs to be fillled to be able to be turned on).
Capacity: 1,500L

Grimme GL420
The Grimme GL420 which now accepts Seed Potatoes.
Capacity: 2,665L

Grimme GL8600
The Grimme GL860 which now accepts Seed Potatoes.
Capacity: 8,000L

Grimme RH2460
This in-take bunker was modified by the farm to allow for larger potato boxes to be filled. It also gets used as a buffer when sorting the potatoes. It’s particularly handy to box potatoes during harvest for later processing during winter.
Capacity: 20,000L

TMCCANCELA tjp610Topper
The TMCCANCELA flail which the farm converted to be a haulm topper.

Potato Box
An empty potato box which accepts all bulk filltypes, handy for around the farm.
Capacity: 2000L

New Products & Pallets:
Waste Potatoes (Price -70%)
Seed Potatoes (Price – no change)
Premium Potatoes (Price +40%)
Bagged Seed Potatoes (Price +12%)
Bagged (25Kg) Premium Potatoes (Price +63%)

Price changes are compared to normal potatoes, please note that these prices might fluctuate relatively to each other.

Credits: Dazed
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