FS17 Loess Hill Country

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FS17 Loess Hill Country

Welcome to the Central Saxon Loess Hill Country!
This big map is specially designed for multiplayer sessions but also possible for singleplayer.
There are 49 fields (970 hectares, mean 20 hectares) and 12 meadows (122 hectares) with a total value of more than 40 million euros. During harvesting, you can decide, if you want to use our large storage or to sell your crops (including rye and oat) at 14 different stations. You can also decide to work in three different forests and bring your wood to several companies.

More features:
– 3 villages with some specials
– Real harvests
– Proportional growth times
– Biogas plant, cows, pigs, sheep
– Slurry storage


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6 Responses

  1. Beav says:

    Canola seeding rate seems to be off. It changed the seeding rate for all my other maps also.

  2. jimmy says:

    where the fuck du you fill fuel at sawmill and other places

  3. Red Queen says:

    Love the map. Have some issues though:
    1. Are gas stations at central storage and at Hof supposed to work? I can only get fuel at the vehicle store.
    2. How is supposed Kompostfabrik to work? When I activate the panel it only says something like “Input_1”, “Input_2”, “Output_1” without actual names of the fruits and materials to be used?
    3. Why there is no display of price for silage at Biogasanlage?
    4. Where can I sell eggs?

    Thanks! Great map!

  4. dacamp66 says:

    a problem, sir, when i save my game, and return to it later, your map (and ONLY your map) has deleted ALL of my purchased equipment. any ideas as to what is happening?

  5. BlackFox says:


    If vehicles are missing, it is due to a mod causing an error. Check your log.txt file- it will tell you the line number of the vehicle/mod in question. The vehicles.xml is not empty- it is usually caused when two mods record the same entry and the reload does not like it. This has been a common issue since FS11 and usually removing the duplicate entry in a vehicle line solves it. For example, you may have two entries on a vehicle saying “operatingTime=x” and that can be the issue. Know what mods do what and add to the vehicle.xml will help to solve this type of issue.

  6. elsond says:

    I cannot unload my wheat into storage at home. I can unload to sell everywhere, but cannot place grain into storage.

    The ‘Unload’ option pops up, but it will not unload.”

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