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Small between updates, all changes are as always in the changelog.

Please also observe the instructions for correct unpacking.

Unzip instructions!
1. Download the map pack

2. Unzip the downloaded file with WinRar or another unpacking program that supports the RAR archive format. If a password is required, it is always:


3. Now copy all unzipped zip files into your mod folder, it is recommended to play with a clean mod folder.

General information:
Since is a mini update to, you do not need a new game if you have already played

Changelog v1.0.0.62 – Hotfix update
English l10n language file was incorrect (Applies only to the English game version)

Changelog v1.0.0.61
Spanish language file added (Thanks to CaliAlmonte)
FertiMixer LQ, finished liquid fertilizer can now be pumped out of the FertiMixer directly by hose, so that the IBC tanks can be filled from the LSFM Universal Tank Pack.
Crap sales price significantly reduced
Purchase price for salad seedlings significantly reduced
At the cowshed, horse stable, pig breeding facilities and at the greenhouses, the water is now easier to load, it can be switched between hose and trigger filling. (State is saved with)
Test silo removed (forgotten in version
Another standard water trigger installed on the farm (at the farm house) to quickly get water (hose is not required here)
FixFermenter fixed, output produced double the amount
Claas diesel barrels fixed, the barrels could not be sold. ExactFillRootNode adjusted, sometimes there were problems filling the barrels.
Milchhof has now received a second sales trigger, milk cans can now be sold again, the unloading point for milk cans is on the ramp where there are already milk cans.
Adjustable Stoll pallet fork no longer has to be switched to adjust the fork tines.
Field sprayers or other devices without a built-in Manure system can now be filled on the universal high silos.

Custom and improved animals.xml added for seasons
Missing l10n TypeDesc texts for Fliegl livestock transporters added
Fillable large plastic box and larger boxes are no longer portable by hand. A pallet fork is necessary.
added another wooden box to the map. This box is configurable, you can choose between bulk goods or potatoes / beets.
Households expanded, more custom-made products can now be sold to households.
Potato missions deactivated during field jobs
Fix for goat milk (goats did not give milk in connection with the Seasons Mod)
Empty pallets that can be purchased have now received tension belts to attach them to the trailer. Previously, these had only tension belts for objects themselves.
Feeding trough capacities of the animals have been adjusted somewhat (you can no longer fill quite as much feed into the troughs)

Change to the hose system summarized:
The ManureSystem Mod is no longer required.
However, no hybrid play is recommended since the map was primarily developed for the hose system.
That means either play with tube mod or without any.

Water point can now be switched to trigger filling using the shut-off valve (preset to hose filling)
Milking robot on the cowshed / pasture can also be switched to trigger filling (preset to hose filling)
Horse stable and pig breeding facilities

Water points can also be switched to trigger filling using the shut-off valve (preset to hose filling)
Manure storage at the yard

Nothing has to be switched here, everyone who plays without a hose system can use the slurry storage again as in Map Version (tip off at the hose connection and fill at the charging tube)
Cheese dairy

just drive up to the outside of the milk tanks and tip (you have to be pretty close to the wall)
Dairy house

tubeless filling or removal takes place on the outer tank, but the milk still ends up in the milk house.
Dairy farm

Sales method (trigger or hose) can now also be switched (just talk to the milkman)

Water tanks can also be switched to trigger filling via a shut-off valve (preset to hose filling)
Liquid manure pits for the animals and collection of goat milk

These work as usual if you no longer have the ManureSystem Mod in the mod folder.
Universal storage silos

The filling is done by simply overloading, the removal is carried out via the overloading tube.
The SiloHopper or the LSFM Universal Tank UTS32000L is recommended for filling solids
Notes on the LSFM Universal Tank Pack:

Who plays without hose mod should avoid buying the hoses from the pack and the funnel should not be configured on tank drums either

Credits: Farmer_Andy
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