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Ursus 912 yellow and red
Author: Marcello1942, Spinah
FS 15: pawlo101299
Ursus C330 BETA
Author: Giants, Marcello1942 farmer, Perkins, Bociek
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: modelleicher, JoXXer, RivalBomb, Knagsted, Giants, Rockstar94
Ursus C330 Pack
Author: Author: Giants, Roller90
FS 15: pawlo101299
Ursus C360
Author: Model: Marcello1942
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: Rockstar94, modelleicher, JoXXer, RivalBomb, Knagsted
Ursus 914
Author: Marcello1942, Spinah
FS 15: pawlo101299
Ursus 1224 GR Mokrzyn
Author: Marcello1942, G & M Modding Team, Spinah
In FS15 / Edit / Washable: roller90
Ursus 1614 Tur GR Mokrzyn
Author: Marcello1942, G & M Modding Team, Spinah
Script: Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, Burner, Modelleicher, fozzy691, fruktor, Aranea
In FS15 / Edit / Washable: roller90
Zetor 10145
Author: Marcello1942, Spinah
FS 15: pawlo101299
Zetor 7745
Author: Agromet, roller90, TomasT150

Bizon Z056 / 7 Super
Author: Model: Marcello1942, Asd4, Fumski
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: Rockstar94
Edit: DEATHdriver
Bizon Z056 cabin Pomarańczka
Author: LS15: Rockstar94 (rEC2)
Don 680M
Author: Shnurok, YegorDvachevsky, ANDREI1994

Author: Model: Agromet
Konwert & Edit: FSmaniacModTeam
Union Max
Author: FS13: Mati7766, Adrian
FS15: DEATHdriver
Union Kommbi 5.6
Author: Model: Solanz Texture: Rubber
FS15: DEATHdriver
Cut Union L
Author: FS13: Spinah, Lech
FS15: DEATHdriver

Sipma Prairie 1600
Author: Model: Robert
Programming: Robert / Przemek
Script: Przemek / Fumski
FS 15: 765 Matejko
Rotary Z-173
Author: Model: LOLLL116
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: Rockstar94, Grzegorz056, Manuel Leithner, Burner
Author: Model: Pavson69 / Texture and fixes: Rockstar94
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: Rockstar94, Manuel Leithner, Burner

OP 2000
Author: LSSA modding team, Trololo, GoldenShoes
Bale Fork Metalfach

KTU 10
Author: LSSA Modding Team, dim-dim, ANDREI199
Sano TMR
Author: Veter
Agromet H-152
Author: Model: MichalLS
Programming: Adam 334
Script: Fruktor, Adam 334
InGame: Napoleon
Agromet Z223
Author: Model: Perkins
Ingame: Burner
Script: Burner, Sven777b, sven18koehler, J & B Modding
Help: Svitch, Fallout
Edit: Marcin10m19, darek789789
Konwert to FS15: Rockstar94
Sipma Z224 / 1
Author: Model: Perkins
Ingame: Burner
Script: Burner, Sven777b, sven18koehler, J & B Modding
Help: Svitch, Fallout
Konwert to FS15: Rockstar94
Sipma Z279
Author: Model: Citrus
In game: Adri @ n
Haymakers / Rakes
Agromet-Famarol Z211 / 2
Model: Agromet
Inagme / Script: Burner
Help: Svitch, maciusboss1
Konwert for FS2015: Rockstar94
Agromet Z234 Taśmówka
Author: Model: 9michael6
Programming: 9michael6
Script: Burner
In FS 15: Romet
Dirty Up: 3p

Agrozet 4 furrow
Author: CSMC-czechoslovakiamodscompany, GixXxeR

Author: Vanya Martynyuk, 36 region, Blazer

Sipma RN610 Antek
Author: Model: (?), DEATHdriver
FS15: DEATHdriver

Author: Mr.Dinamit88
Rolmasz Polonaise S078
Author: FS13: dziuniek, Pavson69, Lech
FS15: DEATHdriver

Water cart:
Author: – Model: Giants, Spinah
– TEXTI: Giants, Spinah
– Ingame: Lech & Ziuta
– FS15: Ziuta

Ursus N228
Author: LS13: GASEK01
LS15: G_r_z_e_S

Mod pack trailer:
Basic ** ** Baboon
Total edit ** ** Heros
The authors textures or models are not known

Fiat 126p FL 650E
hiding Hudów
Author: ClodTIF
acceleration time
Author: Badtime
Plater Camera
Author: Heady
The darker the night
Author: – fatman
– FS15-gabrysg18
Green corn biomass
Author: upsidedown
Ironing grass
Author: derSchreiner
Mod chopped
Author: webalizer
fast Walking
Author: pepefe
folowing Camera
Author: Farmer Hax
Creating a field cultivator
Author: Script- TTV 620
Test – Agrarservice SHS
Animation Map Trigger
Author: script: Xentro
Bale Counter
Author: Desperados93
Szubkie buying animals
Author: Marchu
manual Hitching
Author: Script: Burner
Help / testing: maciusboss1
manual Opdal
Author: Script: Xentro
Hud / Graphics: Niggels
No Gloss
Author: RivalBomb
Author: Ur-Skript Autopilot: Zartask
LS09 Skript Autopilot: Mr. F
Autopilot LS11 Skript für Mähdrescher: gotchTOM
LS13 & LS15 und Umbau They could aka biedens
sounds Trailers
Author: They could erstellung vom script LudmillaPower Reifen & Sound
charly99 und alle anderen Sounds ideas
Heap Tip Trigger
Author: planet-ls
clock v1.1
Author: Rockstar94
Bale Extesion
Skript: upsidedown
Artwork: Eribus
By mod-pack is polskiegospo

Mods are not mine so do not fissionable himself to them any rights.

polskie gospo

If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

How to install mods
Farming Simulator 2015 game is an agricultural game that gives you an opportunity to grow vegetables, take care of animals and buy or repair Cars, Combines, Tractors or other vehicles.
In FS 15 it’s easy to install mods. You just need to download mod from Upload to your game folder. After that you need to activate the mods you want to use.

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