MultiFruit V 3.0 for FS 2015

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MultiFruit V 3.0 for FS 2015


The Fruit + Multi-Mod Mod upgraded as a global new fruits in existing vehicles automatically.
Installation: and in the mods folder. Done.

LS15 adjustments

In LS15 Giants graciously cleared some things that come to meet the multi Fruit very much.
The new parti clean Imation for the tilting of hangers & blades are supported.
Bales are registered under LS15 standard

Since the textures of the fillPlanes and parti clean Imation lie in the vehicles themselves no longer is the Multi Fruit no longer dependent on matching textures in the vehicle itself.

On the last point, a few notes:
This allows you, for example, Crap load in each trailer, which also can load chopped. It also has fewer replacement textures. And both those upgrades as silage> compound feed or chaff> manure, as well as for proper multi-Fruit retrofits. If this correct textures are stored in the game to load the default vehicles then sunflowers and can no longer rely on the use of rape similar texture. In real ParticleSystemen the system does not apply, however, remains.

A small note on about a dozen “converts I have the MF, may I the upload?” – PMs: No, turn up with just moddesc version it was not done, even if it may have looked like at first sight …

LS15 Multi-Fruit-Maps

This weekend will appear parallel to the release of the next version + Multi Fruit of the MIG-Celle map. Here we have new fruit varieties installed my knowledge for the first time with oats, rye and sunflower completely after LS15 standard.

Modules (same time, the answer to the question: Why two zips?)

In the the script that does all the work is located. This zip you need exactly once, and if you do not really know what you’re doing, there’s also no reason to touch them.

What fruits after what template it should grudge in the vehicles is controlled by the This is a zip file multiFruit_config.xml. Here, is related to any new fruittype / fillType (new = “sunflower”) registered under what template files in normal vehicles (subStd = “rape”), insulation works (subCutter = “maize”) and seeders (subSowing = “maize” ) is to be seen.

There can be any number of modules in the mods folder, which are all considered. So you like your dürft Maps attach more appropriate add-on modules.

Standard module

First, the standard module equips several new fruit varieties including (if any) by steam. These are: sunflower, oat, rye, clover, alfalfa, soybean, rice, hemp, millet, spelled, triticale, poppies, green wheat, lime

In addition, it extends the functional area of some equipment (especially blades and trailers) within the existing fillTypes. You can now also go manure, silage, compound feed, grass and hay with any device that can carry chaff. This should also cover all the problems that some of the FahrsiloExtension + BGAextension with grass silage had a thing of the past.

Thanks to

Eribus for great artwork
JakobT + biedens / mogli, without the aid of tools and I have long had desperately
bull gore for tireless testing and the great cooperation with the parallel multi-Fruit MIG project.
Ifnokator who has offered the addFillType a very well-made interim solution that has given me the time to get the + MF in peace and tidy on LS15 stand.

FAQ / known issues:

No, Fruit + Multi-Mod not upgraded by the maps.
Yes, it must both zips in the folder. Without module makes the script: Nothing.
Conflicts with the addFillType (the little brother of the + Multi Fruit) by ifnokator there should not be, but the mod should thus also no longer be needed.
When chopping / threshing sunflowers Unfortunately the corn-PS is displayed. If I find a reasonable solution for this I submit after.

How to install mods
In Farming Simulator 15 it’s easy to install mods. You just need to download mod from Upload to your game folder. After that you need to activate the mods you want to use.

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