FS22 IFA W50 Multi v2.0.1

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FS22 IFA W50 Multi v2.0.1

IFA W50 Multi
Price: 30.200 €
Power: 125 hp
Top Speed: 83 kph
Motor: L/K (back wheel drive) and LA/Z (all wheel drive) for coupling swap trailers, or L/S (back wheel drive) for coupling semi trailers.

Trailer 2SK
Price: 2.275 €
Capacity: 5.000 l / 6.000 l / 9.000 l

Trailer 3SK
Price: 1.775 €
Capacity: 4.500 l / 7.200 l / 6.250 l

Trailer EAS
Price: 3.375 €
Capacity: 14.000 l / 15.000 l / 16.500 l

Kertitox Global M (Sprayer)
Price: 9.575 €
Capacity: 4.000 l
Working width: 18 m
Working speed: 17 kph

Fortschritt D 035 (Fertilizer spreader / Salt spreader)
Price: 6.975 €
Capacity: 4.000 l
Working width: 12 m (Fertilizer, Lime) / 4.5m (Road salt)
Working speed: 18 kph (Fertilizer, Lime) / 20kph (Road salt)

Hodgep SzF-5 (Manure spreader)
Price: 5.775 €
Capacity: 5.500 l / 8.000 l
Working width: 7 m
Working speed: 16 kph

Update 2.0.1:
-testrunner errors remediated
-mirrors reworked, shader error remediated, spamming of a log message remediated
-mouse control for height of Kertitox linkage
-additional Color configurations
-configurations for lights and protectionbars separated and extended
-workingSpeeds adjusted
-tipEffects improved
-manual gearshift and appropriate motorsounds, transmissions as close to reality as possible

This mod is based on objects and settings from following other mods:
– IFA_L60_WB_Pack by LS-Sonderbauten for general setup, front plate, semi attacher, trailers 2SK+EAS+Kertitox+D035
– IFA_W50_LHW by Ostmodding-Freunde / Adolf for W50 vehicle (starterswitch+ignitionkey from ZT300)
– IFA_W50_Pack by FSH, Unorby, Pali97, Mgtsz_haladas for sparewheel mounts, driveshaft, 3SK, SzF-5, parts of Kertitox
– (scripts addstorecategory + addConfig by Ifko, unused in initial FS22 version)
– overhaul of all objects, incl. additional shapes, conversion to FS19 material system, bug fixes by Rohne

Improvements planned for future versions:
– maybe rework rims (split into hub + inner+outer rim), hubs to be colored with rim or base color alternatively
– amend leveler attacher to GDR levelers / snow ploughs
– create wear mask and AO for D 035 (complete rework of UV maps necessary)
– re-enable manureSystem capability once available and create 3m fertilizer hoses (connectable) for Kertitox
– replace EAS shapes with those from HW80 by Aaa Modding
– create linkage for 2sk bottom doors (different from the one from HW80)

Credits: - LS special constructions - Osttechnik-Freunde / Adolf, special thanks for the active support - FSH_Modding / Unorby, Pali97, Mgtsz_haladas, kisgazsi97, Lenartf, Bence_Modding
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