FS17 Seasons

FS17 Seasons

Winter is coming… and spring, summer and autumn too.
The Seasons mod changes the fundamental way to play Farming Simulator by introducing seasons and changing all aspects of the gameplay, such as weather, growth, economy, vehicle maintenance and husbandry to suit.

Experience the trials and tribulations of a real life farmer worrying if you will get all your crops planted on time before it gets too cold, or too dry, for them to germinate and whether you will complete the harvest before the rainy days of autumn when crops will be wet.

Beautiful visuals to suit the seasons, such as the birth of life in spring, the richness of colour of autumn and bare trees on a bleak winter’s day when you are clearing the snow, or doing forestry, will help to fully immerse you in this new environment.

We strongly recommend that you start your Seasons experience on a brand new save game. Please note that this released version of the mod is not compatible with any previous incomplete versions. Delete the incomplete version of the mod, install this release version and start a new save game.

Alt + S : Seasons menu (growth overview and settings)
Alt + F : Show / Hide weather forecast
Alt + R : Maintain vehicle (must be done when vehicle is parked by a workshop and is only possible when maintenance is necessary)
Alt + N : Skip night (only available once it gets dark, before midnight)

For further info on game play checkout the Seasons section of the in-game help.

Realismus Modding

If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

What is this mod use for
Farming Simulator 2017 Mods are one of the greatest upgrades and can make your game unique. Downloading and adding FS 17 mods to your game is not difficult at all – you simply need to save a file and run it. Each Farming Simulator 17 Mod will provide you with particular options so go ahead and add it to your version. Few clicks and you will be able to use all extra features that were only imaginary before. It is the easiest way to get the best of the game, your opponents will be surprised!

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5 Responses

  1. farmer says:

    Very nice mod. but i have a problem. when i come to mid autumn all my collected grassbales disappears!! ive have tried on different maps but its the same problem! any one out there with a solution??

  2. reino says:

    it doesn t work for me i put the rar file in mods folder put it doesnt show it in the game do i need some update or whats the problem

    • TW says:

      You must unpack the RAR file. Google winrar and download it. Once complete you should be able to right click and extract the files. Then you should see a zip file populate under the same name.

  3. robert morris says:

    you need to unrar it

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