FS17 Follow Me

FS17 Follow Me

Ever wanted to have some vehicles follow you around the map?
With “Follow Me” you can (though not backwards driving).

Changelog (
– Translations updated by contributors.
– Support for baler-and-wrapper combination; FBP 3135 (Kuhn DLC).
– Increased starting distance to 20, from 10.
– Fix for saving/loading distance and offset between savegame-sessions.

Default control keys:
‘Myself’ is the current vehicle
RIGHT-CTRL F = Toggle ‘FollowMe’ on/off
RIGHT-CTRL H = Wait/Resume
RIGHT-CTRL W/S = Distance increase/decrease
RIGHT-CTRL A/D = Offset left/right adjust
RIGHT-CTRL X = Offset reset or hold for invert

‘Behind’ the followed vehicle
RIGHT-SHIFT F = Disengage ‘FollowMe’
RIGHT-SHIFT H = Wait/Resume
RIGHT-SHIFT W/S = Distance increase/decrease
RIGHT-SHIFT A/D = Offset left/right adjust
RIGHT-SHIFT X = Offset reset or hold for invert

Decker_MMIV (DCK)

If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

What is this mod use for
Farming Simulator 2017 Mods are one of the greatest upgrades and can make your game unique. Downloading and adding FS 17 mods to your game is not difficult at all – you simply need to save a file and run it. Each Farming Simulator 17 Mod will provide you with particular options so go ahead and add it to your version. Few clicks and you will be able to use all extra features that were only imaginary before. It is the easiest way to get the best of the game, your opponents will be surprised!

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5 Responses

  1. Franco Malherbe says:

    Well I can’t seem to get this to work. I installed the mod. (is I did it right.!?) After this I entered the game and the mod doesn’t appear on my mod manager screen that comes op right after I open the game. When in game I don’t see any control settings that show me what to press. I tried pressing Right_Ctrl + F, but it doesn’t work. I don’t know if it’s my game or the mod. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. rozxx says:

    you must considering the course control of the follower if actived or not…..

  3. pieter says:

    how to install ?


  4. Ghost says:

    Download, copy to mod folder and that’s it at least I think it is.

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