FS17 Weidemann 4270 CX 100T v1.0.1.0

FS17 Weidemann 4270 CX 100T v1.0.1.0

– Lua Cabin Controls fixed in relation to mrGbMS
– Added interior camera to the seat suspension
– Adjusted decal positions
– adapted to front wheels position
– Front wheels now have collision boxes
– removed unnecessary temp file in mod
– Corrected the IC button on the left door
– Pedals should not move anymore when standing outside the vehicle
– Steering speed slightly increased
– Work lights revised (order and buttons)
– 2 compressed air connections for TrailerAttacher
– Parallel guidance added
– Added missing shop descriptions of all tools
– Facelift versions now have reversing light
– Door opening angle corrected
– Added another facelift version
– Ball Fork now has an Attacher
– Front loader Attacher collision corrected
– light color slightly adjusted

What was done fundamentally:
– mod converted and completely brought to LS17 standard
– partially decomposed objects so that color choice / dirt is possible (many parts had previously permanent)
– Disassembled other objects to make for example windscreen wipers individually animatable
– specially developed script to show the positioning of the FL-arm / swingarm

Previous functions (shop):
– wheel config

-> 750 60R30.5, Nokian, 400 70R20 ### all in each case as forestry edition (marked by “F”) and in each case as a rear wheel or all-wheel drive (2WD / 4WD)
– color config

-> Standard Weidemann red + full range
– Wheel color config
– Cabin configuration

-> open, closed, closed forest edition (lamp protection grille + windscreen protection)
– Disk configuration

-> normal or tinted
– Engine configuration

-> 3 performance variants (75-122PS) as 20km / h (S standard) or 30km / h (E-Extended) variant
– Fender Config

-> with the without front fender
– Extras config

-> without, with working cameras, with FL-Kontrol monitor or both
– Attacher Config

-> Weidemann-Attacher, Telelader-Attacher or FL-Attacher
– LightBeam Config

-> with or without particle effects in the light
– ConditionConfig

-> used, new, facelift (Kramer), facelift2 (JCB)

Previous functions (general):
– Windscreen wipers can be activated in the rain
– Indicator lever animated
– Joystick responds to control of the arm and swingarm
– animated various indicator lights in the interior
– Console only returns after boarding
– Warning lights when reversing (based on real example)
– Time-dependent headlight particles
– adapted exhaust particles
– MR Support
– Seat suspension
– DynamicHoses support (only on the boom and crocodile bit / silage cutter)
– Handbrake Mod Support
– OilChanger Mod Support
– InteractiveControl

Additional tools (all in old and new available):
– Large bale fork (foldable and additional frame that can be purchased)
– Crocodile Bite (2500L)
– dung fork (1800L)
– pallet fork
– Shovel (2000L)
– Silage tongs (2250L)
– 500kg weight

Note about some shop configs:
– In the Forestry edition of the wheels, chains are mounted.

These have no further effects and are purely visual
the different engine variants E and S have different maximum speeds,

the speedometer in the cockpit does not react to the difference unfortunately
– The FL control monitor uses a pointer to show the current angle of the rocker

(not the device what is attached) and as a bar the current lifting height
– The work cameras are once installed in the swingarm and once at the rear as a rear view camera.

Depending on the attached tool, the camera setting may not be optimal.

LoogleCZ, Ifko[nator], Michi77, xentro, upsidedown, mogli, Manuel Leithner, modelleicher, raffnix, sven777b, HoFFi

If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

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