FS17 STEYR 8120 Turbo SK1 V 2

FS 17 Tractors

FS17 STEYR 8120 Turbo SK1 V 2

Version 2
– Arbeisschinis hinzugefügt
– 40 kmh Getriebe ausgebaut
– sonstiges

Hello, so since the 4 cylinder SK1 model is a bit too small for some activities, such as bale presses ect, we have brought the 6 cylinder, 8120 SK1 to life in just 2 days. The Sk1 model from the previous LS version was reworked , (Roof cut out, wider Kotis rear mounted, exhaust cut and exchanged, …)

Construction period: 1978 – 1984
Weight: 4400kg (4WD version)
Engine: STEYR 611.86, 6 cylinders with a displacement of 5.2l
Gearbox: gives meherere, we have the 30-speed Deutz TW90 with 15v / 5r gears, and once the gearbox with the retrofit set (18v / 6r speed -> 40 kmh)
Tank load: 122l
Power: 100 HP according to -DIN specification
Engine history: Front wheel drive (4WD)
Cabine: Steyr Super comfort First generation cabin (SK1)
A great THANKS goes to forbidden-mods for sharing to the Siloking Terminal.

from the outside:

Front fender on / off button R (only with 4WD, with 2WD are fixed)
turn left door on / off button R
open / close left button R
Snow chains (front / rear) on / off button R (with 4WD, with 2WD only rear)

Shop configurations:
Coupling Products:
Standard / front spoiler: (atacher joint installed)
Front hydraulics + front spoiler (Dynamic Hose ready)

Front loader attached:
(Dynamic Hose ready)

with front protection
without front protection

Engine version:
100 hp without “Turbo” lettering on the bonnet:

Exhaust + flap BJ 78: (SK1 roof) 30-speed gearbox (15v / 5-speed)
Low noise exhaust BJ 80: (SK1 roof) 30-speed gearbox (15v / 5-speed)

100 hp with “Turbo” lettering on the bonnet:

Exhaust + flap BJ 84: (SK2 roof, roof light front + roof hatch) 40-speed gearbox (18v / 6r speed)
Low-noise exhaust BJ 84: (SK2 roof, roof light front + roof hatch) 40-speed gearbox (18v / 6-speed)

Wheel setup:
Original: front: 340/85 / R24 rear: 460/85 / R34

Original: front: from 8080 SK1 rear: 460/85 / R34

Design Confi 1:
round arbeisscheini Koti in the back left
RUL middle
RUL rear
round Arbeisscheini Koti rear left + RUL center
round Arbeisscheini Koti rear left + RUL behind

Design Confi 2:
VA (front axle) protection
VA + floor protection, intended for a forestry set (chainsaw + benzine tank is visible)

Other functions:

IC control:
Rear windows, side windows and left door (including door closing sound) for opening / closing
FH-Unterlenker, co-driver’s footrest and sun visor fold in / out
windshield wipers
cabin light
Siloking Terminal fade-out / fade-out

Animated / Illuminated:
Tacho, tank and temperature display as well as pressure air display
Blinker / warning indicator (including turn signal (from a Steyr 8130a SK2))
Blinker / warning light indicator works as in real:
Tractor alone = 1 beam flashes
Tractor + 1 trailer = 2 lights flashing
Tractor + 2 trailers = 3 lights flashing
license plate light
Charge indicator light integrated (battery lit jz at engine start)
“provisional” animated pedals; Accelerator pedal, brake pedal + clutch: IMPORTANT! Drive control with active reversing circuit (green arrow must be visible -> direction change) otherwise the pedal animation does not fit. (Select tractor)
at selected tractor without attached trailers / equipment: animated rear hydraulic + lever (right in the tractor) TASTE V,
animated lever for the PTO coupling (on the left in the tractor) BUTTON B is a small tool for moving around the cabin, this is a pure look for the levers to be attached to the attached devices, you need a suitable script, we guess. :) With trailers attached you can lift the HH (rear hydraulics) (tractor must be selected) and the lever moves.
The lever for the ZWK (Zapfwellenkupplung) can be switched on / off at any time (tractor must be selected), it has no function, it is purely optical.

Textures reworked
Model has been revised
Chain saw installed as decoration
genuine tire moldings were used
Indoorsound (reacts to open windows or doors)
Working light front Button NUM 5 (only for 8120 Turbo SK1, 40 speed version)
Working light rear button NUM 6
swing axle
Behrahrerskript installed
Low beam + high beam + working light somewhat yellowish as well as in real life

Required / Recommended Mods:


Drive Control:

Front loaders:

Gearbox Add On:

A big thank you goes to Max (MB 3D modeling) because he always lets us change his Steyr 8080a SK1 model and gives us the release release (= his original DL link). (This was introduced to LS13 times by us (STEYR Modding) so and arranged with it (MB3D modeling).)

STEYR Modding Team

If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

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