FS17 North West Texas 4X Map

FS 17 Maps

FS17 North West Texas 4X Map

Map has:
– 35 Fields
– Cows on the map
– Sheep on the map
– Pigs on the map
– Chickens on the map
– Forest Maps
– Milk sales

By Txzar

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16 Responses

  1. Juan Rempel says:

    Chop Straw work on this map?

  2. Michael Z. says:

    Where do i sell the bales we have too many and the barn by the live stock market is locked up, can you please let us know because we have over 200 bales and it is starting to lag our server

  3. Jefferson Tomlinson says:

    i gave it 1 star… i cant not give water to the cows, and sheep… the pigs are okay…

  4. Jefferson Tomlinson says:

    now the lay out of the map…5 stars… i like the fact the car stop for no one…..

  5. Alberts says:

    You can water the cows and sheep. You have to look for the Dura or Duro tanks. the one for the sheep is kind of hidden in the trees that are between the two grass feed points. and the one for the cows is to the left of the cow shed behind where the milk tanks are. I confirmed that they will accept water as did another player that I play with.

  6. Peo says:

    Did anyone find somewhere to sell Bales, it just unloads them for me? Great Map set out though.

  7. Jeannette says:

    Just to tell…… I have tried to use the forage trailer to empty the grass into the sheep’s trays but it doesn’t tell you too. And there’s now a big grass heap on there where I could empty it ….but I know that wont work….. very sad about this map ……hope you can fix it ….


  8. Victor Manicho says:

    Jennette I found where to unload grass it is right in center of feeding bins count how many they have on map find center. I use a front end loader with the Universal LGS bucket holds 11500 ltrs you will need the lely juno at other bins across from ones you put grass in, to clean up I set mine at 5500 and set in center. I guess I will need to get something to shred straw bales and store in the multi storage, since we can’t sell straw or hay.

  9. Victor Manicho says:

    To sell hay and straw bales I tried this and it worked, you will need to get 2 mods – fs17 Tardis ( it is a transport mod, will transport you anywhere on map). Normally, it isn’t good to transport with anything loaded with straw hay or grains, but to sell bales you will have to. Next mod I use an Autoloading Trailer, Schmitz_CargoBull_by Hoffi, I do not know if other auto unloaders will work. Once I get to selling point, I open cover and rear doors, and transport into area, this keeps bales in trailer. If you do not uncover 1st, and you transport in, when you open cover bales will start jumping out, and you will have to pick them up again.

  10. Baroness says:

    is someone know where i can sell silage??

  11. Andrew says:

    I was able to add the ‘BaleDestroyerTrigger’ to the sell points in Giants Editor and now they bales can be sold in the designated areas. I’m not sure if the owner of the map is going to fix this or not, but I was able to fix it with about zero prior knowledge.

  12. Nikki says:

    Will you be adding the sugarcane?

  13. ss says:

    northwest texas map its timr to bring this map to fs 19

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