Farming Simulator 17 / 2017 Platinum Edition Download / Buy

Farming Simulator 17 / 2017 Platinum Edition Download / Buy

One of the most-awaited events for all Farming Simulator game fans is the launch of FS 17 Platinum Edition that is planned on November 14. The newest addition is expected to have a wide variety of features that fulfill the game, loads of new content is also predicted to be in Farming Simulator 17, Platinum Edition. FS 17 Platinum Expansion will be available on Xbox One, PS 4 and PC/Mac. So let’s take a look into all the new features that FS 17 Platinum Edition has to offer.

One of the biggest news among all is that Farming Simulator 17, Platinum Expansion, will bring a completely fresh and unseen South American playground to the game. This new playground in FS 17 Platinum Edition will have absolutely new scenery and more exciting gameplay opportunities for the game fans. For example, South American playground will have its own exclusive plants, regional cows, sugarcane fields and even railway network.

FS 17 Platinum Expansion players will also have an exciting opportunity to fulfill their gaming routines with new experiences as sugar canes are included to the current assortment of crop types. CASE IH A8800 MR sugar cane harvester will be included in the game for harvesting sugar canes. This exact cane harvester is brought by CASE IH Austoft®, world leading manufacturer of cane-harvesting technology.

Other famous brands will also appear in Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Expansion. To name a few, there will be Stara, Bizon, Doble TT and Gessner Industries that will appear in the Farming Simulator series for the very first time. These manufacturers will bring around 275 new authentic vehicles and tools to the game, coming from more than 80 different manufacturers. These famous manufacturers are from such countries as Poland, Australia and South America.

So there is no doubt that Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition will bring plenty of completely new experiences even for those who have been playing Farming Simulator games for ages.

In order to use this all new amazing features of FS17 Platinum Edition on consoles and PC, you have a number of solutions:

  • FS 17 players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Those who are playing FS 17 on Xbox One and PS 4 will have an opportunity to download the FS 17 Platinum Expansion for their consoles on November 14. Those game fans that have Seasons Pass will have an option to download FS 17 Platinum Expansion as part of the Seasons Pass content. New Xbox One and PS 4 players of Farming Simulator 17 will be able to purchase a full Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition game.
  • FS 17 players on Mac/PC. FS 17 Platinum Expansion will appear both in retail stores and for download on November 14, including all the amazing and fresh features. FS 17 Platinum Expansion will also be available as a full game for those who are new to the game. Such version will be sold in both: boxed version for FS17 players on PC and downloadable version for Mac and PC owners.

Farming Simulator 17, Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition will be released on November 14th 2017. The game will be available on Xbox One, PS 4 and PC/ Mac.

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