watermark-mod-v1-0_1 watermark-mod-v1-0_2

Here I have for you my watermark Mod.
With the mod you can display a logo or text via the F6 key.
The example is good if you want to take multiple pictures or videos with watermark.

The functions:
With F6 Activating the mod you press F6 again comes the two watermarks and press it again to the watermark goes away again.
So this means you can watermark 2 Insert clip one example for videos and one for photos.
How to change the watermark, you can read in the readme,
which I have given you inserted in the ZIP file from Mod.
Have fun with the mod.

How to install mods
In Farming Simulator 15 it’s easy to install mods. You just need to download mod from www.farming2015mods.com. Upload to your game folder. After that you need to activate the mods you want to use.

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