fs15-hagenstedt-vs-hotte-v2-1 fs15-hagenstedt-vs-hotte-v2-2 fs15-hagenstedt-vs-hotte-v2-3 fs15-hagenstedt-vs-hotte-v2-4 fs15-hagenstedt-vs-hotte-v2-5 fs15-hagenstedt-vs-hotte-v2-6


Small beauty work done on the map
Deco built in, objects offset, fences for cows and sharp

New buildings
Pig’s mast, butcher,
A factory where you can deliver milk and get it
New dairy product.

You should download the mod StopMilkSale 2.0
So that the milk cart does not come and the milk pick you up
To milk the milk from the cows you need the mod
Milk TruckTigger so you can milk the milk.

To deliver Me you must bring your milk to the factory,
To do this you need a mod for it’s various simple times,
Here at modhoster, give some

For her pigs and cattle, too, she had a means of transportation
Find here, too.

These pluins need to be able to play the map games.

StopMilkSale 2.0

built-in objects
At this point I would like to be at Courseplay
Thank you very much helped me,
And always had a good advice for. thank you

Milk Factory – Pucksta
Pig’s mast – RinderMast – Mantu
Butcher – Pandahma
Goals – PowerPeter008


If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

How to install mods
Farming Simulator 2015 game is an agricultural game that gives you an opportunity to grow vegetables, take care of animals and buy or repair Cars, Combines, Tractors or other vehicles.
In FS 15 it’s easy to install mods. You just need to download mod from www.farming2015mods.com. Upload to your game folder. After that you need to activate the mods you want to use.

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6 Responses

  1. JosepR says:

    not load too

  2. SDSq says:

    i can not open the gates

  3. Raul says:

    open gates how botton?

  4. Re_Hakana says:

    open gates is button ,,o,, or you must go closer to gate with tractor or combine or car

    Sorry for my English, but i am Czech

  5. Łukasz says:

    Is there here movement of vehicles ?

  6. Mich says:

    how it opens the gates and the MixFeeder

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