Take a look at some of the new equipment you can use in Farming Simulator 19.

1. MT8000E Series
– Tractor
– 362 – 475kw / 492 – 646hp
– 40kph / 24mph
– 422000Eur
– 1.250l
– Engine setup, wheel setup
– Standart, 3m Tracks

2. Maxxum Series
– Tractor
– 107 – 129kw / 145 – 175hp
– 50kph / 31mph
– 112000Eur
– 250l
– Wheel setup, Engine setup, Wheel Brand, Front Loader Attacher
– Standart, Wheel Weights, Wide Tires, Wide Tires + Wheel Weights, Narrow Tires, Rear Twin Wheel, Communal

3. Module Express 635
– Cotton Harvester
– 305kw / 415hp
– 25kph / 15mph
– 6.0m
– 485000Eur
– 757l
– 10kph / 6mph
– 20000l

Farming Simulator 19, releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac on November 20.

Farming Simulator 19

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What is this mod use for
Farming Simulator 2019 Mods are one of the greatest upgrades and can make your game unique. Downloading and adding FS 19 mods to your game is not difficult at all – you simply need to save a file and run it. Each Farming Simulator 19 Mod will provide you with particular options so go ahead and add it to your version. Few clicks and you will be able to use all extra features that were only imaginary before. It is the easiest way to get the best of the game, your opponents will be surprised!

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