FS19 AIVehicleExtension v1.0.0.0

FS19 AIVehicleExtension v1.0.0.0

The idea behind the new user interface is to move as many settings as possible into new settings dialog. This dialog uses standard elements. Only those options needed for visualization or intermediate action are still available in the head up display (HUD).

New Input Binding:
H: Start or stop the hired worker
Left shift + H: Open the new settings dialog
Left control + H: Open the head up display
Left alt. + H: Enable or disable automatic steering
Left alt. + V: Raise or lower all tools
Left alt. + 6: Swap side

Stefan Biedenstein

If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

What is this mod use for
Farming Simulator 2019 Mods are one of the greatest upgrades and can make your game unique. Downloading and adding FS 19 mods to your game is not difficult at all – you simply need to save a file and run it. Each Farming Simulator 19 Mod will provide you with particular options so go ahead and add it to your version. Few clicks and you will be able to use all extra features that were only imaginary before. It is the easiest way to get the best of the game, your opponents will be surprised!

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3 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    Not working… I try open head up display but nothing

  2. greg says:

    i tryed it but it didnot work

  3. Roby says:

    I do not think it’s a working mod and of Mogli, it seems that the ModDesc.xml has just been modified, to show it to FS19, but the rest is all like in FS17, so I can not work on the page of Wives , there is no update of AI for Fs19

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