FS19 Felsbrunn Edit By MC Multifruit update v2.1

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FS19 Felsbrunn Edit By MC Multifruit update v2.1

I would be very happy about a review and a short feedback.

Latest version 2.1 Multifruit
Hello LS19 fans
Hereby I make my converted Felsbrunn 2.1 Multifruit available to all. The farm I have put on another terrain and the stables of the animals are also housed in the farm. Also, I’ve included a few small things you have to explore yourself. The launch vehicles and takeoff fields are also changed. I hope you like my machined Felsbrunn. Some open spaces are also available.

On the installation of a Wurzelfruchtlagers I deliberately omitted because there are already several possibilities of mods that allow anyone to place on the open spaces his silos themselves.

Furthermore, I would like to thank Hasco quite sincerely for a correction of a trigger at the BGA, which was created by Giants. Thus, now the bales sell better at the BGA.
And now I wish you much fun with the Felsbrunn
MC / Jürgen
Please read everything well until the end.

Version 2.1 Multifruit
1. Lavender plant removed from the air when washing
2. Grains removed from the straw
3rd train exchanged for diesel locomotive
4. All overhead lines of the train traffic away sodas so you can load and unload the wooden car
5. Hoisting crane installed at the sawmill
6. Hoisting crane installed at railway silo west
7. Overview board Placeable (to be found under Decoration). Thus, everyone can choose the location itself where it should be. The blackboard can be sold and repositioned at any time
become. The blackboard does not cause any daily costs.
8. New varieties of white cabbage, red cabbage and lettuce incorporated.
9. ClipDistances optimized.
10.Are ramps in the fuel refinery lowered (hung slightly in the air).
11. Parking car on open space port / BGA removed.
12.Trees planted.
13.Raiffeisen built on the harbor as a point of sale for many more products and fruit varieties.
14.Dekoration and signs installed.

Version 2.0 Multifruit Update
Saw mill is displayed again in the sales overview
simply exchange the maps and continue playing

Version 2.0
1) Patch 1.3 must be installed
2) Many new buildings installed
3) Animated light (manual light switching on) installed in different buildings
4) New varieties of millet, spelled, triticale and sorghum
5) 6 new fields have been added
6) Map has been expanded
7) Pda has been adjusted
8) Decoration and terrain was rebuilt and installed
9) All paths of the textures have been changed and optimized
10) Waste and duplicate files have been removed
11) Fields have been adjusted
12) some bugs have been removed
13) Splines have been adjusted
14) Farmlands have been expanded and adapted
15) new grass texture (with different colored flowers) created and installed

The many changes require a new save game.

Version 1.4 MultifruitUpdate
1) Sale of farm buildings and stables is available again
2) Grass in landscaping mode works again in the first growth phase
Simply exchange the Map 1.4 Multifruit with the 1.4 MultifruitUpdate and continue playing.

Version 1.4 Multifruit
1. carrots onions hops and rye (own applied folio textures)
2. Animated light built-in
3. Decoration installed
4. Fixed minor bugs like floating objects (corrections)
5. Animated roller shutters installed

Version 1.3 standard fruit
1) Old sawmill replaced by new one
2) Lighting installed in the yard
3) built barriers
4) brewery built
5) built in several sounds
6) Beach hotel and decoration installed
7) Seagulls fish from my old Mc’s agrarian worldmap
8) New open spaces
9) New stable with boxes installed Credits: Tbereit1 (with permission to change the stable and the navmesh)
10) New gas station installed
11) Lidl installed
12) self-made hudfruits of all types of fruit
13) Correction “To swan”

Version 1.3 Standard Fruit Update
1) Fixed minor bugs like floating objects
2) Superfluous files deleted
3) Landscape slightly decorated
4) Textures adapted

Version 1.3.1 Standard Fruit Update
1) Floating objects removed
2) Roller shutters now work for the vehicle dealer
3) Rock on Field 6 had prevented helpers to finish the track at the edge of the field, was defused
4) Decoration installed
5) fixed minor errors

Changing this map and re-uploading is not allowed.
Respect the work of all modders and mapper. Many Thanks

Procedure for paused and no longer reactive game and only
Esc or the TaskManager to end the game.
You go into the saved game eg: savegame1 path: C: Users Computername Documents MyGames
FarmingSimulator2019 savegame1 economy and opens this economy.xml with an editor which is used for
Example could go like this.

Motorboot mit Sound und Beat von Maulwurf 63 , Kaufbare Hallen von Vertex Dezign , Strohlager von Hasco , Schneidwerksregal von San Andreas , NewVehicleShop :Dachschilder: Kirtz Pierr , ShopUmbau: Joerg_B , Deko: AllgäuerGarde, Claas_Evolution, speedy77.

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